This summer I spent three weeks in New York. I bought many things, but what I was most happy with were four sheets of paper-thin wood plates of maple, walnut, oak and cherry tree. 

During that same trip I spent many hours at the National History Museum. I mainly sat and sketched the animals in the dioramas, but walking around the anthropology wing, I was taken by the splendid winter outfits worn by many tribes: I wished I could wear them to fence off the Swedish winter.

I wrapped up the wood sheets safely and tucked them away into a drawer, too precious to actually use. And I thought about the characters for a long time before beginning to sketch, but as soon as I did, it all fell into place: wood and winter attire just HAD to go together. And the series could only be called Winter Beasts.

These are made with ink and acrylics on wood. More on them here. Available for purchase at Society6.

Adriana Bellet