These days I spend half of my weeks being the other half of Nothing Can Go Wrng.


Nothing Can Go Wrng is the little Print + Pattern Design Studio that surface designer extraordinaire Paula Maso and me launched back in April. We do pretty much what it says on the tin: prints and patterns to decorate all manners of surfaces from scarves, to pillows, to birch trays and lycra tights. 

Even if every once in a while I had mentioned it in here, but up till now I've kept both sides of my creative life separate and independent from each other.

Well, no more! Because half is nothing more than an incomplete being. So here's the other half of my creative endeavours, proudly reflected on my portfolio and repeated to infinity!

And if you like what you see, let me tell you "there's much, much more where those came from!", which is here:

We also run Repeattt, a blog about design, pattern and freelance life in Stockholm. You are also welcomed there

Adriana Bellet