034: ON A GOOD DAY...

On a bad day I look at my work and I feel like it's not strong enough, like the brush strokes could be thinner, the colours bolder, the composition better balanced. On a bad day I wonder who asked me to choose such a fickle path and I catch myself browsing thorough Monster jobs with airs of dark, dirty secrecy.

On normals days, the most of them actually, I don't do any of those things. I only go about doing my work, sending emails, drinking coffee and stressing like everyone else, regardless of their career path.

And on a good day I wake up to see that Society6 has used one of my illustrations for their promotion and that thedrawing, done in between bad days, now stares at me from their front page. And it feels just as I told Tara Galuska on the interview that ominously has come out on the same Good Day, that at the end it's perseverance the only thing I can believe in.   

Adriana Bellet