036: Point & Shoot or the Pet-Plant Portraits

See those beautiful plants up there? Well, they have been alive (in my house and under my care!) for more that 4 months. It might sound little, but it is an unprecedented record for me: up till recently I had the ability to kill a plant just by looking at it (ok, not quite, but you get the picture...).

But as I'm aware that one does not get rid of a plant-assasin status overnight and not trusting my new green-fingers, I set off to immortalise my pet-plants... just in case!

Much to my surprise the plants are still fresh, green and growing. So I've added a few more pots to the household... who knew plants are just as addictive as chocolate and tattoos?!

Anyway, if you are a plant assassin (like the old me) or a leaf-lover that builds shrines to plants (like the crazy new me) and fancy a water-less, stress-free plant for your wall, you can get yours in my Society6 store. And if you would like to own an original, just drop me a line at

Adriana Bellet