Sometimes I damn the day I decided producing a zine every month was a good idea. I mean, it really IS a good idea, but it turns out it is much more work than I had envisioned, and so, slowly but surely I've fallen behind with the schedule. That accounts for why number 4 is coming out in September, but by now I've come to terms with the fact that the project will probably bleed into 2016 and I've made my peace with my slowness. 

I guess someone should send me one of the postcards of this zine, the one with the pencil or the one with the brush... just to remind me  to keep on working, that there's no time for monkey business. 

Because that's the idea behind this zine, to give a chance to give a gentle nudge to those who need it in a... colourful way!

So "I Wish You Where Doing This" is a zine formed by 10 postcards. In this zine there are hands everywhere, doing or resting, waiting to be sent and ready to tell your loved ones what you wished they were doing more of. "Keep on cooking","Just start with that novel" or the one I will send to myself: "Draw, Draw, Draw!" are some of the designs in the 5 postcard-sets

Also, I've made some of the designs available through Society6, because there had to be a pillow with a hand holding a spoon. It just had to. 

Adriana Bellet