Anomalisa, the stop-motion movie by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson is the first of four films that I am to turn into an illustration to cover the weekly edition of Little White Lies magazine. 

I think there's no non-cheesy way to explain how pleased I am to be working with LWL, so I shan't even try. But suffice to say that when illustrating was but  felt like an unattainable dream, the publication I would name as the dream job was - yes, you guessed it- Little White Lies. 

So there you go, this is the process of the first of my dream jobs: the first character sketches, and the drafts sent to the awesome Art Director Laurène Boglio. She chose the last option, so that's the one you can see me busy with in my studio.

And I get to rise-and-repeat it 3 more times, so feeling pretty damn happy these days.

Adriana BelletComment