Tolv means twelve in Swedish and it's a year long personal project born from the realisation that there’s an awful lot I don’t know about the history of colour, considering I work with it every day. So under 2018 I’ve set up to really discover the origins of colour: the birth of the hues and society’s relation to them through the years.


Focusing each month on one shade and moving clock-wise around the colour wheel, in the next 12 months I will work my way through 12 colours and create 12 illustrations, that will be on sale as a limited edition of 12 copies - hence Tolv.





This first in the series, PURPLE talks about the dichotomy of purple shades in western tradition. Through time the hue was both a sign of opulence (due to the extremely high price of producing the tint) and a symbol of devotion and mourning, becoming the colour favored by Victorian widows.

In PURPLE an invisible lady in dark carries the lushest of bouquets.

• Limited Edition fine art print of 12 copies
• 40 x 50 cm
• Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art 210g paper 
• Each print is signed and numbered
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Inspired by the book The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair.