Tolv means twelve in Swedish and it's a year long personal project born from the realisation that there’s an awful lot I don’t know about the history of colour, considering I work with it every day. So under 2018 I’ve set up to really discover the origins of colour: the birth of the hues and society’s relation to them through the years.


Focusing each month on one shade and moving clock-wise around the colour wheel, in the next 12 months I will work my way through 12 colours and create 12 illustrations, that will be on sale as a limited edition of 12 copies - hence Tolv.





TURQUOISE is the thrid in the Tolv colour series and, in this occasion, it is inspired by the gemstone that gives the colour its name. 

Prised already by the Aztecs and Ancient Egypt, the mineral was believed to be holy due to its colour. And in a dark twist, it was believed that if it changed colour it was a prophesy of the death by fowl-play of the bearer. Many centuries later it was corroborated that Turquoise can indeed change colour, but it is as a result of a chemical reaction produced by the contact of the stone with the skin.  

• Limited Edition fine art print of 12 copies
• 40 x 50 cm
• Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art 210g paper 
• Each print is signed and numbered
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