YANCY presents...Melanin

Pricing Guide

I have put together a quick guide to illustrate (pun intended ;) the pricing range of my work. I calculate the rates based on the time required to produce a piece and its grade of complexity -which tends to go hand in hand with the time. These are rough estimates NOT based on the particulars of your project, so things such as discounted rates for volume of commissions are not factored in (one solo illustration is slightly more expensive in relation to the price per illustration if a larger number has been commissioned). 

I will go through all the information on the Creative Brief and create a moodboard in response to it.  With it I will be able to establish a recommendation of a couple directions you could go with the visuals -with a suggested number of patterns and illustration insets -, and the total price tag attached to each option.

I hope this all makes sense, but otherwise please just ask away!



Patterns such as these are rather uncomplicated and can be made pretty fast, so they are more affordable. Simpler illustrations are also in this bracket and they are often good for spot illustrations.   

| 60 - 90 euros


These are examples of patterns that are quite complicated to create, hence their higher price tag. Most of the full page illustrations fall in this range as well. 

| 120 - 250 euros